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Selangor : EOS Portrait Outing (29 November 2014)

Take part in this outing as you will be able to practice your portrait photography skills! Models and cars are provided!

Selangor : Essential Photography Workshop (6 December 2014)

Register now where you can learn more in-depth knowledge on the potential of your Canon DSLR!

Selangor : Basic Photography Workshop (13 December 2014)

Come and join us as we teach you the basics of handling your Canon DSLR and to explore its potential!

Kota Kinabalu : EOS Portrait Outing (14th December 2014)

An event specially for Canon users to put your portrait photography skills to practise!

Sandakan : Street Portraiture Outing (13 December 2014)

Come out and join us for this street portraiture outing where we give you the opportunity to put your skills to practise!

Penang: APS-C Portrait Photography Workshop (29 November 2014)

Learn more about what is crop sensor camera and know that you can also achieve great results with crop sensor DSLR with Joe Chia!

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